Monday, December 31, 2007

my life

im 13
i play basketball for my school
i like pratically every sport
i play soccer for my school
i go to healing place
i did navigate (a church internship)
i have lots of friends
i make honor roll every semester
i have 3 sisters
2 dogs abby, and rusty
2 cats butter and cally

lady wildcat #30

when i made the team i was so happy except for the pain where i pulled a muscle, but i was still happy even though we havent won many games i have made some points i get to play in almost all of the games exspecially now that three of our best people either quit or were kickied off. so we have to work even harder but i love hangin out with my b-ball friends.


galvez-st. amant
29 - 22
lake-st. amant
9 - 27

galvez-st. amant
33 - 24
donaldsonville-st. amant
32 - 24
central-st. amant
21 - 28
donaldsonville-st. amant
28 - 21
30 - 21
lake-st.amant JV
8 - 10
dutchtown-st. amant
38 - 11
34 - 27

thats our scores so far (i know we suck but were not the worst)